PETEPETE47’s favorite game music PART1

to the world of our

Hello Do you like video games?

I am very fond of it.

Thank you for always watching YOURUBE.

I will introduce my favorite game music.

Sorry if the movie in Japan is a flash movie site so you can not see it.




The Final Fantasy Legend/Wiping away tears

Wiping away tears

This is soft memory that I played around 6 years old. I really like this song.


Final Fantasy 3

The Boundless Ocean

Elia, the Maiden of Water

I play these two songs when I was nine years old, I love them very much.
As I got out of the floating continent, such a large ocean spreads out, how big it is.
I have a memorable memory.


SaGa Frontier/Battle #5

サガフロンティア メタルアルカイザー&真の首領戦 SaGa Frontier RED vs Metal Black&RealMaster

I have to fight this music without having to fight.