3rd Super Robot Wars Walkthrough 1-14 Up to Kamille’s 2 Actions


This time, I’m going to play and write down what I thought after playing properly.
It’s my second week playing.


Stage impressions and capture

Episode 1, Dark Clouds
In the first week, I remember defeating Char with Kouji, but when I finished the first episode and looked back on the first week, the play style was completely different. There is a very advanced play.

I know the difficulty of G-3 this time, so I use my luck with the getter to drop it.

Episode 2, G-3
It’s not a detour route, it’s a frontal breakthrough. In the case of the detour route, Dogos Gear and Musai are far apart, so you don’t have to disperse your strength on this route, but Dogos Gear is too hard, and even if you attack other than Getter and Mazinger, your HP won’t decrease, so 1 Level up Amuro and Sayaka in a story or two.
Sayaka-san, as a recovery role, level up even a little.

Episode 3, Reef Airspace
Baron Ashura’s line to Char left an impression on me. It’s not that difficult.
However, since it is a super-type enemy, it is good to scrape it with Getter 2 or Mazinger.

Episode 4, Atmospheric Entry
I thought the route I didn’t take in the first week would be good, so I took the earth route instead of going to the moon and cleared it.
If you go this route, Emma won’t join you. I can’t even get the Gundam Mark 2.

If you want Gundam mark2 and Emma to join your party, take the other two routes.

Camille will join you from this stage. I’m lucky, so I try not to raise Camille’s level as much as possible in this stage or the next Gundam Robbery stage.

Quattro’s Hyakushiki can be obtained in episode 13 “To Space”, so the minimum level of the enemy in the next stage “In Silence” is 18 to 23 levels. So don’t let Kamille level 18 or higher. If you have a level 23 enemy with a difference of 8 levels, entering this area at level 15 will increase the map weapon level and act twice, right? I think.

Episode 5, Gundam Robbery
DC will go south and run away, so let’s surround it with allies and make it stop moving and drop it.

Episode 6, Attack on Gato
The level of the enemy will increase at once, so it’s a good idea to drop the enemy with Sayaka-san, Fa-nee-chan, Kai-san, and Keith who are lucky. Once Sayaka-san and Fa reach level 18, the recovery factor will be much easier in the future.

Episode 7, Seaside Panic
Don’t level up Kamille anymore, use Nemo as a scraper or Methus as a healer.
Since the White Base has been replaced by the Argama, it will be possible to raise the map weapon level from here.

Here comes the reliable mobile suit Dijeh SE-R, which plays an active role from the beginning to the middle of the game.

In the case of mobile suits, when counterattacking, they usually turn into Vulcans and have weak firepower. The Gundam series is really weak against counterattacks.

That’s why I use it as a counterattack shaving factor with Waverider and Dijeh SE-R.

Besides, the Dijeh SE-R is equipped with a variety of weapons, has a high accuracy of multi-warhead missiles, and is effective against beam-absorbing bosses like Vigazi, so it’s a really great mobile suit.

Episode 8, Chodenji Robo Combattler V
Garuda is insanely strong.
When the aliens appear, wait at the entrance to the forest and line them up to get them in line for the Argama’s map weapons.
If super-type enemies enter the forest, it will be difficult to drop them, so do your best to remove them.

Episode 9, Saotome Laboratory Close Call!
With Jack and Michiru alone, they are level 8, so they can’t defeat them at all, and they will be dropped, so stop attacking them, concentrate on moving the enemies, let them get close to the Argama, and clear the stage before the alien reinforcements.

Episode 10, Crimson Wings
It starts with just Koji and Sayaka. Even if the boss comes in the middle, he will be targeted, so when he concentrates on Koji during the enemy turn, he will counterattack, and Sayaka will play the recovery role.
Even if you attack Sayaka-san, she’s strong, so if your allies reinforce it, you can clear it right away.

Episode 11, Brave Raideen
The hardest part was finding a place to take the shortest route when Sherkin appeared. He did just that many times.

Episode 12, Rumored Haran Banjou
From this stage onwards, becoming an elite soldier, it becomes insanely difficult.
If you get a critical hit, it will be dropped in one shot even in the forest.
Keith got hit and couldn’t get close to the enemy.

Driesen’s Tri-Blade has a high accuracy rate and high firepower, so keep your distance and fight.
Gabsley’s Federin Rifle has a range of 8. Try not to enter the range or defeat it before that.

Elite soldiers have a terrain adaptation of all 7, so if you get a critical hit, they will be dropped in one shot, so be careful.

Attempt to level up with Mr. Bright’s map weapon.
Amuro is sent to fight against aliens with the Z Gundam, while Fa, Sayaka, and Getter wait for the DC boss battle.
Other than that, put it on the Argama or bring it to a position where you can hit the alien at once.

Episode 13, To Space
Bernie attacked Getter, so he was dropped normally and I couldn’t set up a flag to persuade him.
Again, with map weapons. Recoa remembers good luck on this stage.

Episode 14 In the Silence
Get the Hyakushiki, use the Mega Bazooka Launcher and try again and again to see if Camille will act twice. At level 19 of Camille, line up 9 enemies on a square and leave 2 to level 33. , If you leave one body, it will be level 34 and level 35, and you can’t exceed level 26 for two actions, and you can’t beat them all.
Among them, due to the difference in level, if only one Gaza C21 level is left, it will exceed level 36, so aim for this time, change various attack patterns, play, and reach level 26 , act twice.

Then, the strength of peerless with critical succession.

With this as a goal, from the beginning, I didn’t raise Camille’s level as much as possible, even though I stopped at level 16.
I’m sure there will be times when I can’t hit it, so I’ll try to raise my level a little bit, so I set it to 19th level, and maybe even 20th level is fine.

what i wrote on youtube

Make this aspect your goal.
Kamille’s double action starts at level 36.
From episode 6’s attack on Gato, with the goal of not letting him go over level 16, I was worried that I wouldn’t hit it, so I ended up with this side at level 19.

In the case of the level difference at 16, the target was a 5 level difference (experience value 3.5 times) at the Gaza C21 level.
As a result, Gaza C21 level 2 level difference at 19th level (experience value doubled)
Goth Goth Level 23 (experience value x3)
Gaplan 22 level (Experience value x2.5)
Gabsley level 25 (experience value x4)

I’ve done it several times. About 10 times is not enough, and I have 1 Gaza C left, so I’m level 36, so I thought level 19 would be my limit considering that I wouldn’t get hit.